Blue Star Corporation SRL: Sailing Towards Excellence

Innovation and Tradition on the Waters of the World

Welcome to Blue Star Corporation SRL, your safe harbor in the vast world of boating. With a history rooted in tradition and an eye always on the future, since 2000 we have stood out for our dedication to innovation, quality, and uncompromising performance.

With a wide range of boats available, from modern motor yachts to classics, we are proud to offer solutions that meet every nautical need and desire.

We best interpret your wishes by maximizing the pleasure of the journey and the passion for navigation.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer. We offer personalized customer service and high-level after-sales support to ensure that every aspect of your nautical experience is flawless.

A Synergy of Excellence with Leonard Shipyards SRL

Our strength lies in the prestigious collaboration with Leonard Shipyards SRL, renowned for their mastery in building luxury boats. This alliance allows us to offer an exclusive selection of yachts and boats, characterized by innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled attention to detail.

Together, we combine our experience in the sales sector with the constructional excellence of Leonard Shipyards to ensure that each boat is a masterpiece of engineering and style. From purchase to maintenance, from rental to customization, our team of experts is always ready to meet your every need.