For Every Owner, the Ideal Solution

Blue Star Corporation s.r.l is committed to fulfilling the requests of every owner, presenting a wide selection of boats and yachts. We are by your side in every phase of the choice, ensuring a tailor-made service that exactly meets your specific needs

With a wide range of vessels available, from modern motor yachts to classics, we are proud to offer solutions that satisfy every nautical need and desire. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, express your interests HERE and we are not committed to finding the boat for you, but we can also facilitate the SALE of your current boat at our Showroom.

Sunseeker 86 Yacht
Sunseeker – 86 Yacht
Reserved price
Leonard 72 Ht
Leonard – 72 Ht
Reserved price
Sunseeker Portofino 53
Sunseeker – Portofino 53
Reserved price
Vz 16
VZ – Vz 16
Reserved price
Marine Project Princess 500 Refit
Marine Project – Princess 500 Refit
Reserved price
Marine Project Princess 470 Refit
Marine Project – Princess 470 Refit
163,000 EUR
Enterprise Marine Em 420
Enterprise Marine – Em 420
Reserved price
Abbate Tullio Mito 40 Special
Abbate Tullio – Mito 40 Special
90,000 EUR
Solare 40 Ht Classic
Solare – 40 Ht Classic
Reserved price
Dellapasqua Dc 9 Cabin
Dellapasqua – Dc 9 Cabin
Reserved price
C.n. Squalo 2000 Shark 36
C.N. Squalo 2000 – Shark 36
55,000 EUR
Fiart Mare 35 Genius
Fiart Mare – 35 Genius
Reserved price
Patucelli Patuccelli 10
Patucelli – Patuccelli 10
48,000 EUR
Dellapasqua Dc 9 S
Dellapasqua – Dc 9 S
82,000 EUR
Sealine Sc 35
Sealine – Sc 35
Reserved price
Cobalt 253
Cobalt – 253
Reserved price